I teach group and private lesson classes. Group lessons consists of maximum of 10 people. Each class is 2 hours. Participants will paint 2 canvases using 2 different fluid art techniques. All supplies are provided, just bring something you can paint in! It is such as fun time, you get to create beautiful artwork and get to meet some wonderful people! Pieces will be left to dry for 48-36 hours and may be picked up once dry.
For private lessons, please inquire here:

What is fluid art?
Acrylic fluid art is an abstract impressionistic artform in which paints are made more fluid using various mediums and then manipulated on the canvas using methods such as compressed air, palette knives, or by hand. Each piece is one of a kind and cannot be replicated.

Hello I'm Molly

I am an abstract fluid artist living in South Florida. I have always grown up in coastal cities and I draw my inspiration largely from the ocean. Fluid art has been my passion for multiple years now.


Upcoming Shows

Las Olas Art Fair
19 & 20 October, 2019

Artigras Fine Arts Festival 2020
15 & 16 February, 2020